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Starter Package Tool Steel

Item number 1007a

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Starter Package Tool Steel

The starter package "Tool Steel" contains supplies and consumables for the additive manufacturing of metallic components. To get started with metal 3D printing, you also need the tool steel powder package.

- The starter package "Tool Steel" is only available together with the purchase of an MPRINT+ -.

  • 7x cartridge interface (5 for supply and 2 for overflow)
  • 4x overflow container (empty)
  • 3x substrate plate
  • 1x bayonet lock
  • 5x coating medium
  • 1x accessory pack (includes 1 respiratory mask, 1 powder gown, 1 pair of safety goggles, 1 pack of rubber gloves, 1 pack of iso wipes, 1 allen key set, 1 flat brush and 1 scraper)
  • 1x parameters (coming soon)
  • Access to

We recommend that you add the lifter to your starter kit if you don't already have one. You need it to transport the construction module, as it is too heavy and dangerous to carry by hand:

  • 1x Lift truck

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