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Powder Cartridge (Tool Steel)

Item number 2005

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Powder Cartridge Tool Steel

One cartridge with tool steel powder weighs about 10kg. We offer the powder in cartridges, so you can avoid direct contact with the powder and make sure you get consistent quality even with small amounts of powder. Since we can handle the orders of all customers to a large order volume, we get good purchasing conditions, from which we let you profit, because we are convinced that occupational safety is extremely important for the successful use of the technology with you. So you have no disadvantage when buying the powder in our cartridges compared to buying the powder on the open market.

The price of a cartridge is 160 EUR + a deposit of 80 EUR. By returning it to OCM, you will receive a voucher worth 80 EUR for our store.

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Dimensions (WxHxT)

335 x 230 x 50 mm


10,8 kg

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