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Item number NEW-1061

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LAB-MODULE for more material variety

The Lab module allows the use of various other powder materials without needing to use the powder and cartridge system.

More flexibility

Further and different powder materials can be used with the Lab module without time-consuming material changes of the complete system.

Growing application possibilities

Due to the flexible extension with the Lab module, the possibilities in the application for the LPBF technology grow.

Easy integration

Compatibility with the MPRINT+ means that the Lab module can be installed quickly and easily.

More information about the lab-module

Dimensions (WxHxD)

300 x 455 x 180 mm

Building area (LxW)

78mm x 53mm

Building height

90mm at 1,5 times dosing
(maximum height of 120mm depending on dosing factor)

Integrated powder supply

Removable overflow

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